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Gaming Integrity Approvals and Documents

A lottery scheme is described (in part), in Section 206 of The Criminal Code (Canada), as being any game or proposal, scheme, plan, means, device, contrivance or operation in which consideration (money payable for the lot or ticket to participate) is paid for a chance (there must be an element of pure chance with no genuine skill required) to win a prize.  All patrons participating in a lottery scheme shall be afforded an equal opportunity of realizing the reward offered.

Integrity is defined within the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act to mean that a lottery scheme performs in such a manner that the scheme is fair, safe, secure, honest, and auditable.

LGCA Gaming Integrity regulates all provincial gaming in Manitoba and as such, ensures all lottery schemes, including the gaming supplies used, meets the standards of integrity.  Eligibility for approval is determined by evaluating the lottery scheme, its rules of play and the gaming classified equipment or product used.  The lottery scheme is also measured for integrity based on LGCA standards, minimum requirements and terms & conditions of approval.  When an application for approval is submitted by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MLLC), the lottery scheme is assessed and measured to issue approval to operate. 

Refer to the Gaming Equipment Classification List for all gaming equipment requiring approval prior to use.

The applicable standards in the sections on this website must be provided to the gaming supplier and/or manufacturer by MLLC, prior to purchasing any gaming supplies.

Once a lottery scheme is approved and offered for play, it is regularly inspected to ensure continued compliance with the terms and conditions of approval. 

Document Releases

To ensure you are using the most recent document release, always refer to this website. This website is protected and only accessible with a user ID and password. The log-in information is provided to LGCA, MLLC and designated gaming operator personnel only, to obtain the required documents and forms for seeking Gaming Integrity approval.  If other MLLC or gaming operator personnel require log-in to the site; an emailed request must be forwarded through the MLLC to LGCA Gaming Integrity, with a reason for the request.   

Click on the applicable lottery scheme section tab to view the documents. If a document does not appear on the page, or a draft copy of a standard is needed to initiate a purchase with a licensed gaming supplier, contact LGCA Gaming Integrity for assistance.

All documents are formatted for Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  You can download Adobe Reader for free.

Contact Information

Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba    
1055 Milt Stegall Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada  R3G 0Z6

For assistance or inquiries relating to Gaming Integrity, please call (204) 927-5300 in Winnipeg or toll free at 1-800-782-0363.  Emailed inquiries can be sent to gamingintegrity@LGCAmb.ca.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed for statutory holidays.


Before gaming equipment can be ordered into Manitoba two conditions must be met.
(1) The supplier/manufacturer must be licensed and (2) the product must be approved if it is identified on the Gaming Classification list.

Refer to the documents below to determine if these conditions have been met.

If the supplier is not licensed, please have the supplier make application by any of the following:
   - visit LGCA website (click Gaming and select Suppliers and Service Providers),
   - email gaminglicence@LGCAmb.ca, or
   - call 204-927-5300 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0363

If the supplier is licensed, go to the appropriate tab for further information.

Gaming Equipment Classification List Currently Licensed Suppliers

Card Shufflers Standards QA Test (MLLC)
Card Shoes Standards QA Test
Dealer Chip Trays Standards QA Test
Dice Standards QA Test
Dice Shaker Standards QA Test
Discard Racks Standards
Drop Boxes Standards QA Test
Gaming Chip Covers Standards QA Test
Playing Cards Standards QA Test
Roulette Balls Standards QA Test
Roulette Wheels Standards
Roulette Chips Standards QA Test
Table Game Layouts Standards QA Test
Tournament Chips Standards QA Test
Value Chips Standards QA Test

Terms & Conditions
Table Game Terms and Conditions Table Game Equipment Terms and Conditions
Table Game Application and Approval Requirements
Table Game Application Progressive Closure Application
Secondary Lottery Scheme Application
*The quality assurance tests have been developed by the LGCA for internal use, to ensure gaming equipment meets the minimum required LGCA standards. These QA tests may also be utilized as basic QA tests to maintain continued compliance with the LGCA terms and conditions of the approval. QA testing criteria is, however, at the discretion of the gaming operator. Refer to the approval requirements for further information on QA testing.
Bingo Ball Standards Bingo Paper Standards
Bingo Caller Desk Standards
Terms & Conditions
Bingo Ball Terms and Conditions Bingo Caller Desk Terms and Conditions
Bingo Paper Terms and Conditions
Standard Rules of Play Requirements Application and Approval Requirements
Bingo Application Secondary Lottery Scheme Application
Breakopen Tickets Standards
Terms & Conditions
Breakopen Tickets Terms and Conditions
Breakopen Application
Raffle Technical Standards
Terms & Conditions